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The pain is palpable & simply can't be ignored

This week has felt intense.  No matter your racial, political or other identity the events that the world is seeing and hearing right now are palpable and simply cannot be ignored.  Millions of black people and their allies are hurting. Many of my friends, colleagues, and society actually have been very affected by recent events and felt distressed, myself included.

Although I’m a white woman, I consider myself an ally for others.  I can however never truly know what it’s like to live the life of another.   I can’t walk in anyone else’s shoes and it’s never my intention to be offensive or clumsy with my words when I engage in conversations to try and understand.  

Being an ally takes many different forms - there’s no right or wrong.    An ally is someone interested in advocating for the rights of others.  Someone willing to support and improve the outcomes for others.  Someone who plays a role...

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