Belonging & Inclusion = Great Place to Work

Diversity & Inclusion Accelerator

We know that Belonging and Inclusion sit at the heart of creating a Great Place to Work which is why we are passionate about accelerating the Inclusion journey for our partners so that they too can create a culture that is B.I.G .

Our B.I.G Diversity & Inclusion Accelerator is an in-house 12-month programme where we combine consultancy expertise with our learning solutions to deliver accelerated results.

Our B.I.G Diversity & Inclusion Accelerator is bespoke to each organisation's needs and include:

Comprehensive Diversity Discovery phase to understand ‘your’ Diversity & Inclusion position

Design and delivery of a bespoke  consultancy solution combined with access to our learning solutions.  

Thought Leadership, facilitation, and accountability from our Diversity mentors

The work we do with our clients is not only transformation but award-winning!

We are extremely proud of our clients who partner with us as they embark upon their inclusion journey. We are even more thrilled when they go on to be recognised by industry awards for the work they have done to accelerate their inclusions ambitions.

Natalie McClean - Chief People Officer at Partners&

"We launched our Inclusion and Belonging program this year. We're really excited to be working with Teresa and her team so that Inclusion and Belonging can become embedded in Partners& DNA."

About B.I.G

Research shows that embracing inclusivity and diversity not only ensures employees are supported and engaged, but also enables any business to stand out from their competitors. Yet, creating an inclusive culture can feel daunting particularly as it often requires the unpicking of deep-rooted traditions, a shift in mindset and behaviours, as well as a review of operational practices.

For some, closing the gap and creating an inclusive workplace culture feels like an enormous issue to address. Some leaders continue to lack clarity around what diversity and inclusion really means, and sadly there are still some who question why they need to embrace and engage with diversity and inclusivity at all. It therefore either continues to sit on the ‘too difficult’ pile, or business leaders undertake piecemeal initiatives – neither of which create impetus, and the gap fails to close.

The Belonging + Inclusion = Great Place to Work (B.I.G) Accelerator is based on the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® Maturity Methodology. During the accelerator program you'll hear from thought-leaders, receive bespoke consultancy guidance and experience a safe learning space so that your leaders can understand the importance of diversity and inclusion.  You'll gain clarity on the steps you need to take shape your organisation's inclusivity strategy and accelerate your inclusion ambitions. 


B.I.G Accelerator Overview

Belonging + Inclusion = Great Place to Work

During our B.I.G Accelerate we work directly with your Senior Leadership Team, as well as facilitate knowledge transfer sessions with your Belonging & Inclusion Champions.   We also deliver a suite of Keynote Masterclass session.  These are tailored to your specific needs and are based on the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® Maturity Methodology


Take Stock

  • Understand what is meant by Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Understand where you can get your data from
  • Identify what barriers you need to overcome as you move towards a culture of inclusivity
  • Understand the triple bottom line benefits of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Explore how to communicate and engage with your workforce

Raise Awareness

  • Increase confidence to know how to talk to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Gain an ‘Appreciation’ for unique difference and learn how to become curious of others
  • Understand the benefits of being representative of your marketplace, customers and the community of which you are part
  • Gain an understanding of how to challenge colleagues if they say or hear something inappropriate

Inspire & Involve

  • Understand the role leaders play when it comes to Inclusion & Belonging
  • Recognise the characteristics and behaviours of Inclusive Leadership
  • Learn how to inspire others to become ambassadors and allies of change

Build for the Future

  • Reflect upon societal and economical environments and consider how this influences your organisation design
  • Recognise the accelerated shift towards ‘flexible and hybrid working’ and explore what this really means for organisations
  • Recognise the interdependencies between employee wellbeing and organisation design


  • Recognise how to incorporate Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging into everyday practices
  • Establish a process for monitoring progress and measuring Diversity & Inclusion success
  • Recognise the steps you need to take to empowering others to act


To maximise the learning experience, in addition to the workbooks that we will provide for each session we will also provide the following additional resources:

B.I.G Academy

We will provide access to our Diversity & Inclusion Academy, for up to 100 people, for 12 months. The material contained within this Academy comprises additional guides, checklists, and videos based around the tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion methodology

Action Plan & Tracker

You will be provided with our:

tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion action plan for success, and audit tracker.

B.I.G Bursts

We will share with you our BIG Bursts which enable you to watch, read and listen to insights from the world of inclusion, enhancing and embedding your awareness of Inclusion.

I'm Teresa - I'll be guiding you through the BIG Accelerator

I'm a TEDx Speaker | Best selling author | Non-Executive Director and Award-Winning D&I Thought-Leader

" We truly believe that organisations need to take effective action now. To build inclusion into their employee and customer experiences, and to ensure that the progress that they have made to date does not reverse.

There is a growing recognition that workplace equality and wellbeing will not be achieved without actively creating a culture  where employees feel safe and valued. Companies must however do more than offer empty pledges or adopt inclusion initiatives that are in fact exclusive and may be viewed as “tick box” activities.  This will require dedication, focus, measurement, and accountability for real and sustainable progress to be made.  The BIG Accelerator provides a clear framework enabling organisations to gain clarity on the actions they need to take so they can build back responsibly. 

The time to act and accelerate inclusion is now "


Your B.I.G Diversity & Inclusion Accelerator Investment


B.I.G is our flagship bespoke inclusion consultancy programme and is by application only. In order to maximise the experience for our clients who embark upon the BIG Accelerator, we have limited the number of programmes we run per year to just four. 

January, April, July & October 

If you'd like to apply and join our waiting list for our next BIG Accelerator then get in touch with a member of our team [email protected]