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Welcome to the ultimate resource for creating and sustaining Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Download our comprehensive, free guide, "How to Create and Sustain Employee Resource Groups: An 8-Step Guide," and unlock the potential of your workplace today.

Why Download Our Guide?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are vital for creating a supportive and inclusive workplace. They provide a platform for connection, collaboration, and advocacy. ERGs amplify underrepresented voices, challenge systemic biases, and drive initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. By fostering a sense of belonging, ERGs enhance employee engagement, boost morale, and contribute to a more innovative and resilient organisation.

Why Should ERGs Be Set Up Correctly?

The success of ERGs hinges on a structured and strategic approach. Properly established ERGs can be powerful catalysts for positive change within an organisation. They help in aligning with the company’s broader goals, securing necessary resources, and maintaining momentum over time. Incorrectly set up ERGs can lead to confusion, lack of direction, and diminished impact, ultimately failing to meet the needs of their members and the organisation. A well-structured ERG ensures clear objectives, effective leadership, and measurable outcomes, making them a valuable asset rather than a missed opportunity.

Download our free guide today and take the first step towards creating robust, inclusive, and high-impact Employee Resource Groups in your organisation.

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Five Benefits of Downloading the FREE Guide 

  1. Introduction to 8 Clear Steps: Gain a structured, easy-to-follow blueprint that breaks down the entire process of establishing and sustaining effective Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) into eight manageable steps. This ensures you cover all critical aspects comprehensively.

  2. Immediate Top Tips for Implementation: Each step in our guide includes a practical top tip that you can start implementing right away. These actionable insights will help you make immediate improvements and see quick wins in your ERG initiatives.

  3. Clarity on ERGs and Their Importance: Gain a clear understanding of what ERGs are and why they are crucial in today’s work environment. Learn how ERGs can drive inclusion, enhance employee engagement, and foster a more resilient and innovative organization.

  4. Introduction to Our Comprehensive Toolkit: Get a sneak peek into our ultimate ERG Toolkit, designed to further accelerate the impact of your ERGs. The toolkit includes over 60 downloadable resources, templates, checklists, and tools to enhance the effectiveness of your ERGs.

  5. Expert Guidance and Best Practices: Benefit from the expertise of Teresa Boughey, a leading authority in inclusivity and sustainability. The guide provides proven strategies and best practices to ensure your ERGs are set up correctly and sustainably.

By downloading our free guide, you'll know the steps to take to create impactful, sustainable ERGs that drive positive change within your organisation. Start transforming your workplace today!

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Helen, Chief People Officer 

We are at the start of our journey, so having these 8 steps clearly set out in this guide has made such a difference for us. Thank you – we'll be getting the toolkit! 

Natalie, Chief People Officer 

Thank you so much for the guide – it was just what I was looking for and provided a clear roadmap. I've gone on and purchased the toolkit, and Teresa and Barry delivered a workshop for our ERG members which was fantastic. The guide is a fantastic resource – I can't believe it's FREE!

Jen, Chief Operating Officer 

ED&I sits under my portfolio, and I wanted to make sure that we were set up for success. The guide was really helpful in highlighting what we needed to do. Thank you – it's a brilliant resource

Learn from Expert

Teresa Boughey

Our guide is crafted by Teresa Boughey, a renowned inclusivity and culture change thought leader. Teresa is the CEO and Founder of Jungle HR and Inclusion 247, a TEDx speaker, and the bestselling author of "Closing the Gap – 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture." Her extensive experience in fostering inclusive workplaces and driving cultural transformation ensures that you are getting top-tier advice and strategies.

Get The Ultimate Blueprint for Establishing and Maintaining Successful Employee Resource Groups

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your organisation. Download "How to Create and Sustain Employee Resource Groups: An 8-Step Guide" now and take the first step toward creating a more inclusive, engaged, and successful workplace.

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