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Unleash the Power of Effective ED&I Data to Advance Your Inclusion Ambition

Companies are starting to recognise the impact that a sustainable, diverse and inclusive culture has, not just when it comes to business innovation and profitability but also in relation to employee attraction, engagement and retention. When an inclusive approach is lacking, it may signal deficiencies in respect of the underlying culture and leadership of the organisation. 

Research from our Accelerating Inclusion Report highlighted that 68% of respondents did not have a Inclusion Data Dashboard against which the Board regularly measures their Inclusion journey - so how can they measure progress?! 

Remember the famous saying: 'You cannot manage what you cannot measure... and what gets measured gets done.' With the ED&I Data Effectiveness Toolkit, you can effectively measure and manage your progress towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Elevate the effectiveness of your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) data and simplify the creation of your Inclusion Performance Dashboard with our 'How to...' toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit provides a clear step-by-step framework for those responsible for developing or revitalising their ED&I Performance Dashboard. 

Don't wait, get your ED&I Data Effectiveness Toolkit now! With resources, templates, and tools at your disposal, you can easily enhance your Inclusion Performance Dashboard and produce regular reports that demonstrate the impact of your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion data.


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About the Toolkit...

Use the ED&I Data Effectiveness Toolkit to build a cutting-edge Inclusion Performance Dashboard and drive meaningful progress towards a more inclusive organisation.

The comprehensive toolkit is created by an award-winning Diversity & Inclusion thought-leader and includes: 

    • Videos
    • Self-Assessment Tools
    • Guides
    • Workbooks & Activities
    • Planners
    • Inclusion Performance Dashboard Reporting Framework Template
    • Inclusion Performance Report Template
    • Stakeholder Mapping Template
    • Knowledge, Skills and Learning Needs Assessment Template
    • Communication Plan Template
    • Reflective Practice Journal 

Don't wait, get your ED&I Data Effectiveness Toolkit now! With resources, templates, and tools at your disposal, you can easily enhance your Inclusion Performance Dashboard and produce regular reports that demonstrate the impact of your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion data




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Who is the toolkit for?

  • The ED&I Data Effectiveness Toolkit is for organisations and individuals who are responsible for creating or revitalising an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Performance Dashboard.
  • We typically find that HR professionals, diversity and inclusion leaders, business intelligence teams, marketing teams, finance teams, and other professionals truly value the toolkit as they want to enhance the effectiveness of their ED&I data and recognise the importance of making data-driven decisions about inclusivity initiatives.
  • The toolkit is also suitable for organisations of all sizes, industries, and geographies.

Five ways you can use the Toolkit...

  1. Streamline dashboard creation: Use the toolkit to simplify the creation of your ED&I Data/Inclusion Performance Dashboard.  Take advantage of its clear step-by-step framework and comprehensive resources, tools, and templates.
  2. Enhance data impact: Maximize the effectiveness of your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) data by using the toolkit to shape and revitalise your ED&I Data/Inclusion Performance Dashboard.
  3. Produce regular performance reports: Use the toolkit to produce regular Inclusion Performance Reports that showcase the impact of your ED&I data and keep stakeholders engaged.
  4. Brief Business Intelligence team: Provide your Business Intelligence team with the information and resources they need to support your efforts to create a more inclusive workplace, using the toolkit as a comprehensive framework.
  5. Save time and resources: Save valuable time and resources by using the toolkit to streamline the creation of your ED&I Data/Inclusion Performance Dashboard and produce regular performance reports with ease.
ED&I Data Effectiveness Toolkit

What's included?

Those accessing the Toolkit will also have the opportunity to embark upon our self-guided programme. Our Award-Winning Diversity & Inclusion Thought-Leader will guide you through 7 practical steps that can be implemented immediately accelerating your organisation's journey towards becoming more inclusive.

Each 'step'  builds upon the next to extend and embed your learning. 

You'll gain access to our comprehensive toolkit which includes videos, workbook activities, frameworks and TEMPLATES! 


Templates and Assessment Tools 

Workbook activities to spring free your ideas

Checklists and ‘Make it Happen’ action steps

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What you'll learn

Our Toolkit also contains a self-directed learning programme that takes the pain out of creating an Inclusion Performance Dashboard and covers the following core areas...

Welcome & Orientation

Welcome to the ED&I Dashboard Program and Learning Portal

  • You’ll be welcomed onto the programme and introduced to the learning pathway which you will be following.
  • You’ll be provided with the guidance of how you can navigate the tools and resources which are available within the learning portal

Step 1: Who will use the Dashboard?

Establish who will be using your Inclusion Performance Dashboard

  • Identify who are the key stakeholders will be for your Inclusion Performance Dashboard 
  • Each stakeholder group is likely to have a different requirement for the dashboard so you'll identify all of the ways in which you envisage your stakeholders using the data 

Decide the Data and Metrics to use 

Learn to identify the most insightful Inclusion metric that will enable your organisation to monitor progress

  • Taking a holistic approach to Inclusion and exploring a wide range of Inclusion categories including but beyond employee demographics to include customers, products, community impact and beyond
  • Ensure that any metrics that are chosen must align with short, medium and long-term inclusion strategic goals

Display the data in an accessible and user-friendly way

Understand the important of displaying your data in an accessible and user-friendly way for all users

  • Recognise the importance of user accessibility 
  • Select a suitable tool that has features that support accessibility
  • Explore the three key things you need to do in order to measure data reliability

Compare Data Sets

Learn the importance of comparing data sets to identify trends, track progress or highlight areas of concern

  • Understand that the data captured and reported upon can provide insights, identify trends and help shape solutions
  • Conversely, recognise that categorising can create stereotypes which in turn can influence decision making 

Reporting Frequency

Learn how to determine the timeframe(s) that will be used when it comes to analysing and reporting upon your Inclusion data

  • Identify the reporting frequency for each stakeholder group that you have identified 
  • Access our Inclusion Performance Dashboard reporting frequency template to aid you with this activity 

Update the data regularly

Learn the importance of developing a cycle of data updates

  • Acknowledge that creating an Inclusion Performance Dashboard is a dynamic process and requires updating regularly! 
  • Identify who will be responsible for updating your Inclusion Performance Dashboard and how will the data to be tested for accuracy 
  • Use our Forward Planner Template as a reminder of key reporting requirements

Education and Communication 

Learn the importance of education and communication when it comes to enhancing the effectiveness of your Inclusion Performance Dashboard 

  • Identify who will be using the Inclusion Performance Dashboard and/or Inclusion Performance Report identify any skills and knowledge gaps
  • Consider the range of tools and platforms you will use for education ie what learning resources will you provide. 
  • How will you communicate inclusively to your stakeholder groups the benefits of the Dashboard but also the findings/insights of the data 

Bonus Resources

Gain access to our Bonus TEMPLATE! 

  • Once you've completed all of the key learning steps that will enable you to shape, or revitalise your Inclusion Performance Data Dashboard you'll need to develop a standard reporting format in order to share the information with others.  But don't worry, we want to make this as easy as possible for you, which is why we are delighted to  provide you with a bonus resource and that's our 'Inclusion Performance Report' Template

What others are saying...

Natalie - Chief People Officer

"We are extremely dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion within our organisation and whilst we have implemented a range of inclusion initiatives, we realised that we hadn't created a dashboard against which we could truly measure progress.

This toolkit and accompanying skills programme really helped us to gain clarity on the key areas we needed to focus. Managers are now able to quickly identify patterns. We are using the information to integrate ED&I into our people and business processes, and we are using the information to shape our customer products and experiences. The toolkit has enabled us to think about our Inclusion efforts holistically. We now have an Inclusion Performance Report that we share regularly with our Board and stakeholders.

The toolkit is fantastic  and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others!"


Alasdair - HR Director

"We found the ED&I Data Toolkit to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use.  The step-by-step process made it easy for us to understand what we needed to do. The resources provided in the toolkit were highly relevant to our business, and the thought-provoking questions and checklists helped us to really consider all aspects of creating an inclusive engaged workplace and knowing the data points to measure the effectiveness of our strategy. 

We found the toolkit to be a really valuable resource for our business and I’d highly recommend this to others"

Kate - Head of OD

"I highly recommend this toolkit for anyone who has just started to implement their E,D&I strategy or those who might want to sense check and refresh what they already have in place.

There is everything you need to provoke thought and create metrics in a dashboard to truly demonstrate the impact of all the work you are doing around Inclusion. Each module is supported by additional resources, such as templates & worksheets to give you a robust and unique overview to really make a difference in your organisation"

Who you'll learn from...

Teresa Boughey is a nationally recognised, award-winning business leader. She is known for her thought leadership in the areas of inclusion and belonging, as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG).  Teresa is a board director and non-executive director. With over 25 years of experience in the field, she has a proven track record of working with executive boards and leadership teams to deliver business transformation through people and create inclusive workplace cultures across FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Teresa is also an accomplished speaker and author. She delivered a TEDx talk entitled ‘Overcoming Diversity Fatigue’ (2019), and is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller "Closing the Gap – 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture" (2019). She also has authored a research report called “Accelerating Inclusion” launched by her firm Inclusion 247.

Teresa is actively engaged in public policy and is a Business Board Member and Chair of the ESG Workstream of the Women and Enterprise APPG and an Advisory Board Member at Royal Holloway University, School of Business and Management. She is also a regular contributor to the media, sharing her insights and expertise on a wide range of topics related leadership, inclusion and ESG.  Her articles have featured in the Sunday Times (Raconteur), Forbes, BA Business Magazine, IoD Director Magazine, People Management and HR Director.

With her wealth of experience and unique perspective, and proven track record of delivering business transformations and cultural change she is highly sought after in her field.

Your Toolkit & Self-Guided ED&I Dashboard Programme Investment

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This ‚ÄėHow to‚Ķ‚Äô toolkit takes the pain out of creating an¬†Inclusion Performance Dashboard.¬† The accompanying self-guided programme provides those who are responsible for creating or revitalising an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Performance Dashboard with a clear step by step framework to follow.¬†

Each 'step' contains bitesize learning which comprises a range of enrichment activities such as workbook activities, guides, checklists and make-it-happen sheets.  You will be able to reflect upon where you are now and using the framework in this toolkit and learning programme  you will gain clarity on the data metrics you need to measure and manage in order to achieve your inclusion ambitions.  

You'll gain access to our comprehensive toolkit which includes: 

  • Thought leader videos
  • Templates
  • Assessment Tools
  • Activity worksheets and workbooks
  • Learning logs and reflective practice sheets

These resources, tools and templates will enable you to shape or revitalise your Inclusion Performance Dashboard and produce a regular Inclusion Performance Report for your stakeholders. 

So what are you waiting for...Access our toolkit and self-guided skills development programme today and save months (or years depending on your organisation) of time!  

Remember... ‚ÄúYou cannot manage what you cannot measure‚Ķand what gets measured gets done.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†


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Our commitment to you...

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There are just three conditions…

  • Only the original delegate can re-attend – the place is not transferable.
  • The delegate must have attended the original program in full, and the request to re-attend must be made within three months of the original program.
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