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The Inclusion 247 Hub provides tools, resources, webinars and latest Inclusion and Diversity news

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About the Hub

The Inclusion 247 Hub will enable you to move forward on your inclusion journey with confidence.  

Whether you're taking your first steps, or you've already started on your inclusion journey our team of highly experienced Diversity & Inclusion professionals are here for you.  

There are three membership levels (including a FREE option!) so you can decide which level is right for you, your organisation and your budget.  We’ve created lots of resources, tools, checklists and guides, together with video’s and our podcast. 

We believe that inclusion should occur 247 and not just when people are looking!

We’re excited by the transformation which is about to unfold and delighted to be on this journey with you. 

How you can work with us

We understand what it takes to create an inclusive culture. We have proven experience of creating environments where individuals feel engaged, safe, valued and respected for their unique difference. We want to help you to create an environment where your people feel a sense of belonging and where they feel like they’re included 247. You can work with us in a number of ways from spending time with our thought leaders, accessing our Inclusion 247 resource Hub, taking part in major research feeding into National Policy or attending one of our events or accelerator programme. Our range of solutions are designed to support you at every stage of your journey.

Thought Leadership

Members have access to thought leaders, accelerator programmes and masterclasses.  Our intention is to enable you to create an inclusive workplace culture that’ll have a positive and lasting impact on your people, your community and your customers. 


We've created resources, toolkits, checklists and guides to accompany the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® methodology.  Each category is packed with helpful video’s and make it happen worksheets. 

You’ll also have access to our Inclusion 247 fortnightly podcast which is designed for busy professionals who want to know ‘how’ to create an Inclusive Culture.

Full Circle Members also have access events, workshops and webinars which are designed to inspire and educate. 

Policy Influencer

Our Inclusion 247 Full Circle members are able to participate in major research projects and take part in Inclusion solution roundtable event(s) which will feed into National Policy

Events & Accelerator Programmes

Our events and Accelerator programmes are designed practical and designed with accelerated knowledge transfer in mind. 

Our programmes include:

- Inspire - A 2 hour D&I Strategy session 

- Ignite - D&I knowledge day 

- Impact - 9-month D&I Accelerator Programme

- Infuse - In-House Bespoke D&I Consultancy 

Become Part Of Inclusion 247

Inspire - Inclusion & Diversity Strategy Event

Our next Inspire event is taking place on:

  • 18 March 2020
  • 14:00 - 16:30
  •  Central London

During our interactive ‘Inspire’ half-day strategy session, we will introduce you to the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® methodology.  You will be guided through the five key areas which are critical for creating an Inclusive and Diverse culture in today’s business.  These five areas include:

Taking Stock of your Diversity & Inclusion position,

Raising Awareness about the importance of Inclusion and belonging,

Inspiring and involving others,

Building for the Future and breaking with traditions, and

Embedding Inclusion into the fabric of your organisation.

Tickets cost £49 + VAT

You'll gain clarity on the actions you need to take to create or re-invigorate your Diversity & Inclusivity journey. 

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Meet the Founder

Teresa is a TEDx speaker, a Non-Executive Director and the author of #1 bestselling book Closing the Gap - 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture. Closing the Gap has recently been shortlisted in the ‘An Exceptional Book That Promotes Diversity’ category of the Business Book Awards 2020.

Teresa's experience spans over 25 years and has been gained across FTSE 100 & FTSE 250 Companies. She has a proven, consistent track record of working with Executive Boards and Leadership teams to deliver business improvements through and with people and to create an inclusive workplace culture.  

Teresa is a UK Female Entrepreneur Ambassador, Business Board Member of the Women and Enterprise and the Women and Work All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) and a regular contributor to the media and public policy. In addition, Teresa is an Entrepreneur in resident at the University of Birmingham Centre for Women’s Expertise, Leadership, Economy and Diversity, contributing to the department’s research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help over 10,000 companies to create an Inclusive workplace culture.

To enable over 2.5 million people, feel a sense of belonging when they come to work; to be in an environment where they feel safe, respected and valued for their unique difference.


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