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We understand what it takes to create an inclusive culture.  We recognise that everyone's starting point is unique, which is why we've developed a suite of solutions for every stage of your journey.

Download your FREE copy of our Accelerating Inclusion Research Report

The Accelerating Inclusion Research report provides the findings of a 3-year study which we have carried out into Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging within organisations.  Our global research has been carried out by over 500 companies, worldwide and focuses on the five key facets required to create a sustainable inclusive culture. 


How we can help

Accelerating Inclusion Masterclass

Are you unsure where to start or don't know how to move from data gathering into meaningful action?

Well, our team of experienced Diversity & Inclusion Thought-Leaders have simplified it all down into 7 simple steps.

In just 7 weeks our Diversity and Inclusion Thought-Leaders will guide you through practical steps that can be implemented immediately, accelerating your organisation's inclusivity journey.

As a bonus we have even included a detailed Inclusion Strategy Playbook Template that you can use to formulate your own strategy - so you can't go wrong!


Insights Discovery® - Colour Critique

Inclusive Leadership begins with you! 

Insights Discovery® is a powerful profiling tool that has a simple but effective use of a unique colour system, Fiery Red, Sunshine YellowEarth Green and Cool Blue (Insights® Colour Energies).  The tool allows you to understand your natural strengths and enhance your personal  effectiveness

Insights Discovery can increase personal awareness, improve team effectiveness, strengthen internal and external relationships and improve communication.

Take those important steps towards enhancing your Personal effectiveness today


Inclusive Managers Program

For managers who want to become authentic and inclusive leaders.

Everyone who chooses to be a Manager or a Leader has a special obligation to be aware of the influence they have on people and situations.

This program is for those who recognise that success and increased performance comes through and with other people.


Closing the Gap

#1 Bestselling Book

Highly Commended as an 'Exceptional Book that promotes Diversity' at the 2020 Business Book Award, Closing the Gap is the essential read for any business professional seeking guidance at any point in their inclusivity journey.  


Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard

Discover your Diversity & Inclusion score in less than 5 minutes. Increase your ability to transform your organisation into the destination of choice for those who seek an inclusive environment


Keynote Speaking

Looking for a Diversity & Inclusion thought-leader and keynote speaker? We can arrange for one of our speakers or thought-leaders to speak at your event or host and facilitate a workshop that meets your inclusion needs.


Our Flagship Inclusion Programme ...

Our programme is B.I.G... because we know that Belonging + Inclusion = Great Place to Work and builds a Great Society

Our 9-month Inclusion Programme is based on the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® Maturity Methodology.

During our B.I.G programme, you'll hear from thought-leaders via our keynote masterclass session.  You'll gain access to our B.I.G academy which contains a range of resources including guides, checklists and templates.

We provide a safe and supported learning space so that your leaders can explore and understand the importance of inclusion and belonging and through our consultancy interventions you'll gain clarity on the steps to take in order to accelerate your inclusion ambitions.

Our B.I.G programme is application only!  Get in touch if you're serious about accelerating inclusion within your organisation and would like to apply for our  Flagship Inclusion Accelerator Programme B.I.G



We have a proven track record of accelerating change for our clients.

But don't just take our word for it here's what others are saying...

-John, Manager

"The Colour Critique session was awesome, well delivered and really well communicated.  I got some great feedback and advice 😊"

- Natalie, Chief People Officer

"We launched our Inclusion and Belonging program this year. We're really excited to be working with Teresa and her team so that Inclusion and Belonging can become embedded in Partners& DNA. "

- Gillian, Director

"The Excelling Together as a Team Program you designed and delivered for us was really impactful. It completely exceeded our expectations."

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