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About Us

Inclusion 247  is brought to you by Jungle HR Ltd who are a National Award-winning consultancy. 

We're passionate about enabling organisations to create inclusive workplace cultures.  We believe it’s important for people feel a sense of belonging when they come to work; to be in an environment where they feel respected and valued for their unique difference.  

We recognised that organisations want to shift the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda within their organisation to one which is so much more than a ‘tick box’ exercise but often didn’t know what or how to make the change.  By having a culture that embraces inclusion, diversity and belonging not only ensures employees are supported and engaged and can contribute their skills and ideas fully, but also enables any business to develop a positive brand identify and stand out from their competitors.

We passionately believe that Inclusion should be inclusive -  therefore we're  committed to offering solutions which are helpful.  Whether you’re taking your first steps, or you’ve already started on your inclusion journey, we’re here for you – and we’re excited by the transformation which is about to unfold.





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