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Episode #08 - How we can avoid having exclusive inclusion discussions within echo chambers and why we should ignite inclusion conversations to enable everyone to feel like they belong.

Conversation with Brian Ballantyne - Senior Programme Manager, Amazon and Author Confessions of a Working Father

In this episode we talk with Brian Ballantyne, Senior Programme Manager at Amazon and author of Confessions of a working father.   

We explore ways in which we can avoid having exclusive inclusion discussions within echo chambers  but that we should ignite inclusion conversation enabling everyone to feel like they belong.    

Brian highlights that this is one of the reasons why he wrote his book Confessions of a working father and wants topics around parenting and flexible working to be widened so that they include the views and needs of men too.   

Brian reflects on the importance of self-care, highlighting that men can often feel less inclined to talk about their concerns which if left unsupported can lead to an increase in poor mental health.   

We also discuss how Diversity and Inclusion should not be divisive and that it’s only when we come together that we’ll truly start to show progress.   


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