Inclusion 247 Podcast

The Podcast show for busy professionals who want to know how to create an Inclusive culture and society as a whole


The Inclusion 247 podcast aims to widen the dialogue around Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging to help listeners to recognise that Diversity and Inclusion is around us all the time in many different forms.

The format of the Podcast is up to 30 minutes of conversational-style discussion about ideas relating all aspects of equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging and will inspire you, my listeners to take action.

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Latest episodes

Steve Butler

Episode #10 - Achieving Success with Intergenerational Teams


In this episode we talk with Steve Butler author and CEO of Punter Southall Aspire, a national retirement savings business which builds innovative technology led solutions to help corporates and individuals manage their employee benefits and retirement savings.

Steve is author of ‘Manage the Gap: Achieving success with intergenerational teams,’ which was shortlisted in the 2020 Business Book Awards in the ‘Exceptional Book at Promotes Diversity’ category.  Manage the Gap provides advice, learning and best practice to help employers manage age diversity.

Angela Armstrong

Episode #09 - Resilience - Daily Success Habits

In this episode we talk with Angela Armstrong author of The Resilience Club – Daily success habits of long-term high performance

Angela shares details of her FREEDOM methodology which are the seven categories of resilience most common to people who have experienced adversity and come out the other side stronger.

Brian Ballantyne

Episode #08 - How we can avoid having exclusive inclusion discussions within echo chambers


In this episode we talk with Brian Ballantyne, Senior Programme Manager at Amazon and author of Confessions of a working father.   

We explore ways in which we can avoid having exclusive inclusion discussions within echo chambers  but that we should ignite inclusion conversation enabling everyone to feel like they belong.    

Laks Mann

Episode #07 - The Power of Staff Networks

In this episode we talk with Laks Manna serving Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).  Laks was appointed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as a LGBTQ+ Lead to the Greater London Authority’s inaugural Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group 

In this episode we explore the power of staff networks and the benefits that they bring to an organisations and its people.   We explore ways in which staff networks can be set up, the various roles that people play in these networks and how to get the most of out of them.   


Karen Dobres

Episode #06- Equality FC - Why it's not crazy to pay women football players the same as men

In this episode we talk with Karen Dobres, Director of Lewes Football Club who are the only club in the world to assign equal playing budgets to their men’s and women’s football team. 

Lewes Football Club’s Woman’s Team play in The Championship League (the second highest tier of Women’s Football) and their men’s team play in the 7th tier.  In 2017 the decision to equalize player budgets was spearheaded by two of Lewes Football Club’s male directors and endorsed by the board and all community owners.  They all felt it was wrong for the teams to be allocated such disproportionate player budgets  particularly when the amount of training, effort and number of games which the teams play are the same.  This is when the Club started Equality FC . 

Heath Gunn

Episode #05 - Supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life


In this episode we talk with Heath Gunn – CEO of Enham Trust a disability charity that provides services to over 6500 disabled people each year that focus on individual’s abilities, enabling them to live a life of independence, choice and control.

During this episode we explore how organisations can become disability confident and how they can create a culture of inclusivity.   You’ll receive practical guidance on ways in which all employees can feel supported and valued for the gifts and talents that they have rather than limited because they have a different kind of ability.

Lucy McCarraher

Episode #04 - Unconscious bias in publishing


In this episode we talk to Lucy McCarraher, co-founder of Rethink Press.  In 2017, Lucy Founded the Business Book Awards to celebrate the quality and variety of business writing and publishing. We explore the challenges and unconscious bias women face in business and publishing.


Daniel Sapuppo

Episode #03 - Flexible Working in an Inclusive Culture

In this episode we talk to Daniel Sapuppo, People Advisory Services Manager, Ernst & Young (EY), Australia.  Daniel describes in this episode how the flexible working policy, offered at Ernst & Young, was invaluable in enabling him to spend essential time with his family whilst balancing the demands of his job role.  Daniel openly describes how he had to manage his own unconscious bias, and how his personal experiences have helped him to challenge the preconceptions of gender which he held growing up in a largely patriarchal culture.    Daniel describes his desire to be a role model for his daughters and colleagues and hopes that his actions will build strong foundations for his daughters and inspire others to break down unconscious bias.

Tony Latter

Episode #02 - Happiness, Engagement and a Thriving Culture


In this episode we talk to Tony Latter, Co-founder of The Happiness Index  who are a Human Insights Partner. Their award winning technology solution 'Always on' helps employees raise issues in the moment and allows companies the opportunity to address them before they escalate. Always on puts the power in the employee’s hands by allowing them to:

  • Provide feedback on any topic they wish.
  • At any point in time they want
  • Via a medium that fits around their style of communication.
Teresa Boughey

Episode #01 - Welcome & What's it all about


In this mini episode I’ll share with you my vision for the Inclusion 247 podcast and explain what it’s all about.  

We'll widen the discussions around Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging,  as well as provide education and motivation to move your Inclusion journey forward with confidence.