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Closing the Gap reached the #1 spot in categories including HR and Personnel Management, Business and Finance Reference (Kindle Store) and Human Resource Management, overtaking fellow esteemed authors such as Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni and Sir John Whitmore.  Clearly demonstrating its appeal to high-level business professionals across the spectrum. 

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"Teresa's wonderful book, in its easy to read, conversational style, not only reassured me that I'm doing a lot of the right things, but also guided me to several impact approaches, tools and resources that I had overlooked. Each section also has a handy checklist so you don't have to miss anything! I would highly recommend 'Closing the Gap' to others"

Brian Ballantyne
Inclusion & Diversity, Amazon

Highly Commended

2020 Business Book Awards

Over 270 books were entered into the Business Book Awards and 'Closing the Gap - 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture' was Highly Commended as an 'Exceptional book that promotes Diversity' 

3 Reasons You Should Read Closing the Gap

  • Discover a step by step, unique Diversity  & Inclusion framework
  • Access to practical guides,  tools and resources. 
  •  Engaging, easy to read

Closing the Gap is the essential read for any business professional seeking guidance at any point in their inclusivity journey.  


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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Teresa. Bestselling author of Closing the Gap - 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture.

I work with Executive Boards and leadership teams during times of change and business transformation.  I have a passion and proven track record of enabling companies to create an inclusive culture.

Work with me and I'll show you what you can do to accelerate your inclusion  journey and become the envy of your competitors. 

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"I struggled to put this book down. I would highly recommend any Business Leader, Director of HR Professional looking to adopt a more holistic approach to Inclusion & Diversity in their organisation to read this book. It is hugely informative and full of practical guides. "

Codie Barnes
HR Professional

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