About the Accelerating Inclusion Research Report...

The Accelerating Inclusion Research report provides the findings of a 3-year study which we have carried out into Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging within organisations.  Our global research has been carried out by over 500 companies, worldwide and focuses on the five key facets required to create a sustainable inclusive culture. 

Our Vision for the Accelerating Inclusion Research Report

When it comes to Inclusion and Belonging we recognise that the reason, need, and starting point for every organisation is as unique as the people who work within an organisation as well as the customers they serve and the communities within which they operate.   There is no one size fits all and what works for one organisation may not be right for your organisation.  However, what we do know is that for real and sustainable progress to be made and for inclusion to be infused within an organisations DNA then it requires dedication and focus.   

Our vision for the Accelerating Inclusion Research Report is to create an Inclusion Report that is business focussed underpinned by academic reference.  We wanted to shape a report that is practical in application and provides organisations and business leaders with a framework together with benchmark information against which they can reflect upon their organisation, gain an understanding of how they are performing against other organisations, and know the steps to take to shape the inclusion ambitions that are right for their organisation.  

Our research report looks holistically at inclusion and belonging and goes beyond the boundaries of singular protected characteristics, individual responsibilities, or departments.

The Research Methodology

Over 500 companies, worldwide have been involved in our Inclusion and Belonging research which has been carried out over a 3 year period. We have used the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® maturity methodology which focuses on the five key facets that are required to create a sustainable inclusive culture.

How can organisations use the Accelerating Inclusion Research Report?

We believe that the data contained within the Accelerating Inclusion Research Report together with the impact stories and the best practice recommendations will equip your organizations and leaders with the knowledge and a framework to identify the steps to follow, in order to accelerate your inclusion ambitions.   


Meet the Author...

Teresa Boughey, TEDx Speaker | NED | Bestselling Author | Award-winning Diversity & Inclusivity Thought Leader. 


Teresa is CEO and founder of award winning Jungle HR  She is a TEDx speaker, bestselling author, media commentator, Board Director and Non-Executive Director.  

She has also been appointed to one of only 50 UK Female Entrepreneur Ambassador roles, and has been recognised as a Top 100 F:entreprenuer.  She is a business board member of the Women and Enterprise, and Women and Work All Party Parliamentary Groups.  

Teresa is a seasoned speaker, delivering her TEDx talk on ‘Overcoming Diversity Fatigue’  and has delivered a wide variety of keynote speeches and seminars to spread the importance of inclusion.

She is a media commentator and  has appeared on BBC One’s Sunday Politics Show and local BBC Radio.  Teresa has also been a judge at the UK Biz Awards and UK Employee Experience Awards.

Her #1 bestselling book, Closing the Gap – 5 steps to creating an Inclusive Culture provides Corporate CEOs and HR Directors with a clear framework which can be used to create a culture that welcomes diversity, and where intentional inclusion becomes embedded into everyday practices. 

Review Committee

Dr Angela Armstrong
Barry Boffy
Fran Boorman
Heath Gunn
Tim Beech
Dr Vicki Belt
Steve Butler
Mark Freed
Obi James
Richard Chapman-Harris