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Episode #05 - Supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life

Conversation with Heath Gunn, CEO Enham Trust

In this episode we talk with Heath Gunn – CEO of Enham Trust

Enham Trust is a disability charity that provides services to over 6500 disabled people each year that focus on individual’s abilities, enabling them to live a life of independence, choice and control.

Over almost 100 years Enham Trust have facilitated opportunities for hundreds of thousands of disabled, elderly and vulnerable people to live the lives they choose, as independently as possible.

During this episode we explore how organisations can become disability confident and how they can create a culture of inclusivity.   You’ll receive practical guidance on ways in which all employees can feel supported and valued for the gifts and talents that they have rather than limited because they have a different kind of ability.

Enham Trust was founded at the end of the first world war and the village, which is owned by the Trust was a gift from the King to support war wounded soldiers returning back from the first world war.   Enham Trust has three main areas for supporting individuals with a disability this includes housing, care and employment.   Their philosophy is to:

  • Support individuals to have a place to live which is suitable for their needs, accessible, enabling them to move around their home freely.
  • To receive a level of care which is supplementary yet complementary to an individual’s unique life needs, allowing independence.
  • To support those with a disability to gain employment or meaningful occupation, providing social and economic independence.

During this episode Heath helps to bust some myths regarding sickness absence.  He also shares some practical steps companies can take when it comes to making reasonable adjustments and highlights that not all disabilities are visible.



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