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Episode #03 - Flexible Working in an Inclusive Culture

Conversation with Daniel Sapuppo - Ernst & Young

In this episode we talk to Daniel Sapuppo, People Advisory Services Manager, Ernst & Young (EY), Australia.  

Daniel works as a Manager in the Global Immigration practice at EY in Melbourne, one of the biggest Immigration providers globally, managing the Melbourne team.

Beyond the technical client deliverables at EY, Daniel acts as a counsellor and mentor.   As a father to 3 daughters (one tragically stillborn) Daniel describes that he regularly has conversations with his team and openly shares his personal experiences of pregnancy and the premature birth of his children.   

Daniel describes in this episode how the flexible working policy, offered at Ernst & Young, was invaluable in enabling him to spend essential time with his family whilst balancing the demands of his job role. 

Daniel also shares his experience of parenting his older daughter ‘solo’ whilst managing a full time job, and how male role models, policies and the company culture within EY enabled him to feel safe, supported and valued as he adopted a more flexible working pattern in his role.     

Daniel openly describes how he had to manage his own unconscious bias, and how his personal experiences have helped him to challenge the preconceptions of gender which he held growing up in a largely patriarchal culture.    Daniel describes his desire to be a role model for his daughters and colleagues and hopes that his actions will build strong foundations for his daughters and inspire others to break down unconscious bias.


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