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Episode #07 - The Power of Staff Networks and the misguided belief that ‘Diversity’ recruitment initiatives alone will simply drive Inclusion and create Belonging.

Conversation with Laks Mann - Metropolitan Police Service

In this episode we talk with Laks Mann, a serving Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). 

Laks takes an active role in the Metropolitan Police  Community Engagement portfolio and is a Committee Member of the LGBT+ Network, a member of the Sikh Association, and a supporter of both the Hindu Association as well as the Association of Muslim Police. 

Laks is an alumnus of Stonewall’s flagship LGBT + Workplace Leadership Programme and also its BAME/PoC Role Model Program. 

Laks was appointed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as a LGBTQ+ Lead to the Greater London Authority’s inaugural Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group

In this episode we explore the power of staff networks and the benefits that they bring to an organisations and its people.   We explore ways in which staff networks can be set up, the various roles that people play in these networks and how to get the most of out of them.   

 We also explore recruitment practices, specifically the misguided belief that ‘Diversity’ recruitment initiatives alone will simply drive Inclusion and create Belonging.

Laks shares some of the work he undertakes within the Metropolitan Police Service to ensure people feel they are valued and belong in the workplace.  This including championing the work of others, encouraging others to step forward and be visible, and getting staff associations to work better together so they can be more representative. 

By fostering a sense of belonging Lak’s believes that it provides a platform where people are willing to give something back, to make things better for others, and is a fundamental aspect of creating inclusive practices.


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