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Episode #02 - Happiness, Engagement and a Thriving Culture

Conversation with Tony Latter, Head of Happiness and Innovation at The Happiness Index

In this episode we talk to Tony Latter, Head of Happiness and Innovation at The Happiness Index.

Tony Latter is a Co-founder of The Happiness Index, who are a Human Insights Partner. They provide companies with the technology to gather feedback from their people and turn that data into insight which enables companies to build data driven and people led strategies.

Their vision at The Happiness Index is ‘Freedom To Be Human’ which to them means:

  • People are treated as a human and not a number.
  • They can bring their true self to work and not have to adapt to their workplace culture.
  • They have a voice.

There innovative approach has seen them win numerous awards including New Business of the Year at the European Business Awards and the Innovative Employee Engagement award at the UK Employee Experience Awards

Always On – isn’t about employees being accessible within an organisation 24/7 but more that employees are able to provide in the moment feedback to the company on how they are feeling. 

Always-on is fundamentally transforming the way employees provide feedback to their organisations. No longer is feedback controlled by the organization. It puts the power in the employee’s hands by allowing them to:

  • Provide feedback on any topic they wish.
  • At any point in time they want
  • Via a medium that fits around their style of communication.

Always on helps employees raise issues in the moment and allows companies the opportunity to address them before they escalate.

Always on influences diversity, inclusion and belonging because it helps to frame strategic conversations. The Happiness Index revolves around bringing your true self to work.



Contacting The Happiness Index 

Tony can be contacted via LinkedIn or

Twitter: @lattertony or @happinessindex1


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