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Episode #09 - Resilience - Daily Success Habits

Conversation with Angela Armstrong PhD - Author of The Resilience Club

There has never been a more important time than now to focus on resilience.  Not only for managers and leaders, who undoubtedly will have had to, and will continue to make some difficult decisions, but for everyone to focus on personal resilience as we adjust to the emerging situation. 

In this episode we talk with Angela Armstrong author of The Resilience Club – Daily success habits of long-term high performance

Angela shares details of her FREEDOM methodology which are the seven categories of resilience most common to people who have experienced adversity and come out the other side stronger.

Angela’s FREEDOM Methodology include:

  • Focus,
  • Role models
  • Energy
  • Emotions
  • Downtime
  • Optimism
  • Meaning

Angela defines resilience as the ability to take the challenges and changes of life in your stride and to be able to say ‘yes’ to the opportunities that excite you.

Angela also shares how it is necessary to focus on four areas which are within our control, these include:

  • Mental health includes choosing where you put your focus, effective decision-making, managing your workload commitments.
  • Physical health includes sleep, hydration, nutrition and movement.
  • Emotional health includes a sense of belonging, community, recognizing and managing your emotions.
  • Spiritual health is about hobbies and activities that make you feel like ‘you’, things that make you laugh or feel good about who you are.

Angela’s top tip is to do one thing for yourself each day in each of the categories of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Just 5 minutes attention on each will really help.





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