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Ignite - Inclusion Accelerator

Unlock the full potential of your organisation's diversity and inclusion efforts with our Ignite 7-week Inclusion Accelerator Programme. Save precious time and resources, and fast-track your journey towards a more inclusive workplace. Led by an award-winning Diversity & Inclusion Thought-Leader, this program offers practical, actionable steps that can be put into place right away.

Don't wait, take your company to the next level and join us today!

What you'll get:

  • 7 x 60-minute (live on-line) Sprint Masterclass sessions guiding you through each of the 7 steps.
  • *You be provided with access to our Learning Academy which contains  videos, guides and make-it-happen sheets created by an award-winning Diversity & Inclusion Thought-Leader to enrich your learning
  • Your questions answered during a weekly Q&A session
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and network with others

We’ve also included some extra bonuses…

  • Bonus 1 - An Inclusion Strategy Playbook Template that you can use to formulate your own strategy!
  • Bonus 2 - Our A-Z of Diversity & Inclusion Guide
  • Bonus 3 - Our tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ® audit tracker

Reserve your place now and save months (or years depending on your organisation) of time and together we'll accelerate your inclusion ambitions

*Access to the learning portal will be granted for 6 months

What others are saying...

I've really enjoyed going through the seven steps clear structure. In particular it’s made me think about our modes of communication. We’re a multi-sited business and tend to focus on singular methods of communication that are right for us rather than considering the best way to communicate for our people.


I really love the framework! I love the fact that it's got the scorecard that sits underneath it and you can track progress. It's really powerful.


My biggest takeaway from the Masterclass is how we need to move from the data collection to action. We are great at collecting data and trying to understand what that's telling us, the stories and narrative behind that, but less good at moving that forward. It’s really helpful to have a clear structure that we can now use to move us forward.


The biggest challenge I was facing was pulling the plan together. There’s so much to do and we didn’t actually know what we were going to do first. The Masterclass and 7 Steps has really helped me gain clarity. Thank you!


I really enjoyed the way the 7 Steps we brought to life through the Masterclass. It’s given me lots to take away, think about and implement. The templates are just brilliant!


This programme really broadened our thinking around Inclusion. I was impressed by the content covered and resources provided. Although we have already started on our Inclusion Journey this programme helped us to see that there is so much more that we can be doing. I'd highly recommend this programme to others.


The course is very engaging and has already started to shine a light on the way forward for us, in an area we have struggled to feel confident in previously. Teresa's work will have a huge impact on our business and the lives of the people included in our journey.