Episode 4: Unconscious bias in publishing, with Lucy McCarraher

podcast Oct 31, 2019

In this episode, we talk to Lucy McCarraher, co-founder of Rethink Press.

Rethink Press publishes the business books of entrepreneur authors. Lucy started working with Dent Global in 2013 and mentors hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide through planning and writing their books on the Key Person of Influence programme.

In 2017, Lucy Founded the Business Book Awards to celebrate the quality and variety of business writing and publishing.

As well as A Book of One’s Own, Lucy is the author of eleven previous books, including How To Write Your Book Without The Fuss, with her business partner Joe Gregory, and How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss. Her first novel, Blood and Water, was shortlisted in the Richard and Judy Novel Competition and published by Macmillan New Writing, followed by Kindred Spirits and Mr. Mikey’s Ladies. Lucy’s self-help books include A Simpler Life and The Real Secret, both co-authored with social psychologist, Annabel Shaw.

In this episode, we explore the challenges and unconscious bias women face in business and publishing.

Lucy talks about the Business Book Awards and how she had a special award for an Exceptional Book by a Woman and how next year’s special award will be for an Exceptional Book promoting Diversity and Inclusion.

Lucy also shares the importance of writing a book for Entrepreneurs, and how she is on a personal mission to inspire more women to write their business book. Lucy gives details of the support she offers through mentorship to groups of women through her ‘A book of one’s own’ challenge.

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